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Sitzmarks March 2023 Edition

February was a very busy month for the ski club, with bus trips and many end-of-season races for both Nordic and Alpine skiers. There was the Alpine Adaptive Challenge Cup, Saskatchewan Winter Games, and Canada Winter Games, among others. The pre-spring Sitzmarks tells of some of these events, with plenty of photos. Also skiing tips, loppets, memories and more.

Read all about it here!

Articles and Contributors include:

  • Sask Winter Games (Nordic) – Brennan Craig
  • Best Nordic Ski, Special Offer – Dorothy Josephson
  • Nordic Trips 2023 – Kim Smith
  • Ski Tips – Eb’s Adventures Website
  • Octogenerian Ski Advice – Em, Renee and Kay
  • Regina Alpine Race Team – Kelly Lucas
  • Melville Loppet – Melville Nordic Trails Club
  • Preeceville Loppet – Preeceville and Area Nordic Ski Club
  • President’s Message (Volunteering) – Dale Hjertaas
  • Memories thus far in 2023 – Torey McLean , Kim Smith, Joanne Zepp

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