Mission Statement

The Regina Ski Club operates with the following goals:

Regina Ski Club Mission


The Regina Ski Club develops a ski community for all with a culture that embraces nature, outdoors, and lifelong fitness. We support year-round activity and skill development that results in an enjoyable life, good health, friendships, and family.


The Regina Ski Club creates opportunities for recreational and competitive skiing and snowboarding by promoting lifelong winter sport participation, fun, and social interaction.


Community building
Community refers to the local, provincial, and national ski community
Volunteerism; contributing to the community
Partnering with other organizations and groups to encourage participation throughout the community and crossover to other year-round sports


Accessible outdoor winter lifestyle
Encouraging fitness, healthy active living, and lifelong participation
Diverse opportunities for participation and skill development for all ages and levels, from recreational to competitive

Fun and Social Interaction

Fun activity, open to all
Social opportunities to build friendships and family
Economical and safe opportunities for travel to ski resorts and trails
Opportunity for local activities with others who love skiing


Integrity and honesty
Healthy relationships, open communication, support, mutual respect
Living up to responsibilities
Team building, sense of belonging, common ownership and pride