Policies and Reports

Official Club Policies and Procedures

Annual and Other Reports

This page includes official Regina Ski Club policies approved by the Board of Directors and the Club Membership.

In addition, key reports are included. These include the most recent Annual Report and the Annual Financial Statement. It may also include special reports issued from time to time.

Regina Ski Club Policies

Regina Ski Club Bylaws, approved by the Board of Directors and club membership, are the basic rules governing the club.

Conflict of Interest Policy deals with situations where a decision-maker, such as a Board Member, or his family or business may benefit financially or otherwise from a decision influenced by that person.

This policy deals with Regina Ski Club officials and representatives who deal with vulnerable people, including youth. This applies to all coaches, assistant coaches, trainers and managers.

This policy deals with situations where a club member has reserved a spot for an event by making a deposit or full payment, then withdraws. This usually applies to bus trips. The policy sets conditions of eligibility for a refund.


The Annual Report begins with a summary President’s Report. After that are individual reports from each of our many programs.

These are the Annual Financial Statements of the Regina Ski Club to May 31 2023, audited by Virtus Group LLP, and approved by the Board of Directors and membership as of November 5 2023.