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3-10 years of age

Winter Program
Skill Development

What are the Bunnyrabbits and Jackrabbits Ski Programs?

These programs are dedicated to encouraging young participants to enjoy cross-country skiing with their peers. The programs focus on cross-country ski development through fun activities and games that are appropriate to each age & skill level. In order for your children to improve their cross-country skiing and advance their skills, they must enjoy themselves. To learn more about Nordiq Canada’s Jackrabbit Program, click here.

Bunnyrabbit Ski Program (ages 3 to 5 years):

Bunnyrabbits OnSnow Sessions are from January to March and are traditionally less than one (1) hour in length. Bunnyrabbits are encouraged to participate (with their on-ski parents) at the sessions.

This program is directed at children in the “Active Start” stage of development with a fun introduction to a great family-friendly winter sport. The objective of this Nordiq Canada program is to introduce cross country skiing and the healthy lifestyle associated with it through organized activity and active play. Parents or guardians are expected to stay for all of their children’s activities: This isn’t a drop off class, but more an active lifestyle family outing.

Bring your skis! Many parents of the Bunnyrabbit and Jackrabbit programs have learned to cross country ski by participating in this program with their child!

Parents who are comfortable with coaching or teaching are welcome to register to coach their own Bunnyrabbit group (groups will be limited to 5 bunnyrabbits with 5 parents per group). If you wish to learn more about Nordiq Canada‘s Introduction to COmmnity Coahing Workshop visit or  contact us at [email protected].

Jackrabbit Ski Program (age 5 to 10 years):

Jackrabbits on snow Sessions are from January to March and are approximately 1hr 15m long on weekends and 1hr on weekday evenings

Jackabbits Level 1 and 2 programs are once per week (weekends) while Level 3 and 4 are two to three times per week (weekends and weekday evenings).

This program is directed at skiers in the “FUNdamentals” stage of development and is the second stage of the Nordiq Canada Program. The objective is for children to learn basic cross country ski skills (both classic and skating) and to instill a lifelong interest in the sport and an active lifestyle, thereby enhancing their quality of life and health.

Previous enrollment in the Bunnyrabbit Ski Program is encouraged but not required as kids are grouped according to experience and skill level. Children are encouraged to learn at their own pace, based on their personal abilities, skills and interests – making it very common for kids to repeat levels:

  • Level One – Has passed the Bunnyrabbit Ski Program OR with limited ski experience. Parents or guardians are expected to participate with their child (but not mandatory) for Level One. We hear from parents that this is also a great way for adults to learn to learn ski tips from our coaches as well!
  • Level Two – Has passed Jackrabbit Level One Ski Program OR can climb hills using sidestep or herringbone, control his or her descent on hills with snowplow braking, and skis well with poles. At this level, parent or guardian supervision is welcome but not required.
  • Level Three – Has passed Jackrabbit Level Two Ski Program OR can classic ski well, climb hills using herringbone, control his or her descent on hills well with a snowplow stop/turn, has the basics of double poling and knows how to kick turn. Parent or guardian supervision participation is not required.
  • Level Four – Has passed Jackrabbit Level Three Ski Program OR can do all of Level Three skills well, which are classic ski, free skate, diagonal skate, skate turn and double and one-step double pole. Parent or guardian supervision is not required.

Fall Jackrabbits 3/4 Dryland Program (ages 7 to 10 years):

There are 8 sessions in total and start the late September (see our Event Calendar). Each session is approximately 1h15m long. The objective of the Fall Jackrabbit Dryland Program is to develop FUNdamental Sport and Movement skills (Sport for Life LTAD), as well as building peer relationships. Activities will include running technique development, classic ski technique development, wilderness hiking, body mechanics skill work, Nordic walking with poles, and games that promote fitness and FUN. The dryland sessions will include Wascana Park, Wascana Nature Conservatory, White Butte Trails, Wascana Trails and the Trans Canada Trail. In late November and December, we may move our activities to indoor or on-snow locations to focus on sport-specific skill development in preparation for the on snow ski season.

The dryland fall sessions are hosted by NCCP Certified Coaches with specific-focus on Nordic skiing. Parents are more then welcome to participate with us during the session.

Spring / Summer Jackrabbits 4 Dryland Program:

The objective of the Spring / Summer Jackrabbit Dryland Program is to develop Learn-to-Train Multi-Sport and Nordic-specific fitness, dryland Nordic technical skills, improve motivation, confidence and peer-relationships for our Jackrabbits who have graduated from Jackrabbits 4 into the Track Attack program. Our focus is on 80% multi-sport / 20% Nordic specific programming from April to June with 80% Nordic-specific and 20% multi-sport specific in end of August. In August, our athletes will be introduced to Nordic roller skiing. Learn more by reviewing our programming and registration form.

The dryland spring sessions are hosted by NCCP Certified Coaches with specific-focus on Nordic skiing.

Track Attack Ski Program (age 9 to 13 years):

The Track Attack program is for athletes who have graduated Jackrabbits Level 4 program.

The focus of the program is to help participants become technically competent cross-country skiers and use their skills to explore a wide range of ski activities. This program is for youth committed to improving their nutrition, fitness, confidence and technical skills as it relates to Cross Country Nordic Skiing. Learn more about the Nordiq Canada Track Attack Program.

The Regina Ski Club contact for Track Attack is Andre Bourque [email protected].

When and Where

Special 2020-21 Programming Adaptation – Bunnyrabbits

Bunnyrabbits will be hosted at Leibel Field / Canada Games Athletic Complex. Unlike previous years, the Jackrabbits and Nordic Adventure Ski programs will be hosted at different trail heads and schedules to allow for Regina Ski Club group sizes to be within Saskatchewan Health Guidelines for outdoor activities.

Bunnyrabbits will be scheduled at 2:15PM and 3:15PM start times on Sundays.

Each start time will consist of three Bunnyrabbit Teams (3 teams of 4 Bunnyrabbits) to a maximum of 12 Bunnyrabbits per time slot. Group will start in different areas of the trailhead to meet current Saskatchewan Health Authority regulations.

Special 2020-21 Programming Adaptation – Jackrabbits 1 and 2

Jackrabbits 1 and 2 will be hosted at Science Centre Trail at Wascana Park or alternate trail head close to Bunnyrabbit program on Sunday afternoons. Unlike previous years, the Bunnyrabbit and Nordic Adventure Ski programs will be hosted at different trail heads and schedules to allow for Regina Ski Club group sizes to be within Saskatchewan Health Guidelines for outdoor activities.

Jackrabbits 1 and 2 will be scheduled at 2PM on Sundays. Regina Ski Club is restricting registrations to 8 Jackrabbits 1 and 8 Jackrabbits 2 per time slot. These teams are reserved for Jackrabbits who graduated from Jackrabbits or Bunnyrabbits the previous year.

An additional Jackrabbits 1 group of 8 Jackrabbits will start at 12:30PM on Sundays. This team will be reserved to “new to skiing“ registrants.

Special 2020-21 Programming Adaptation – Jackrabbits 3 and 4

Jackrabbits 3 and 4 will be hosted at various locations to suit programming requirements on Saturday afternoons. Time and location will be determined on weather.  Unlike previous years, the Bunnyrabbit, Jackrabbit 1 and 2 and Nordic Adventure Ski programs will be hosted at different trail heads and schedules to allow for Regina Ski Club group sizes to be within Saskatchewan Health Guidelines for outdoor activities.

Regina Ski Club is restricting registrations to eight (8) Jackrabbits 3 and eight (8) Jackrabbits 4 per time slot.

Jackrabbit 3 additional sessions are held at various locations in Regina on weeknight evenings. Participants have the option to attend one or all sessions (option is available during registration, due to high attendance spots are limited!). Jackrabbit weeknight sessions are approximately 60 minutes in length (dependent on temperature). It is highly recommended that Jackrabbits Level 3 participants attend minimum 2 sessions per week to improve their skills to successfully transition to Level 4. The sessions are flexible to allow for late showings or early departures to coordinate with participants’ other activities.

Jackrabbit 4 additional sessions are held at various locations in Regina on weeknight evenings. Participants are requested to attend a minimum 2 sessions per week. The sessions are flexible for the participants to show late or early departure to coordinate with other activities. The goal of the Jackrabbits 4 program is to help our participants transition from the FUNdamentals stage of athletic development to the Learn-to-Train stage of athletic development. Specifically, we want to ensure our participants are comfortable with long distance skiing and learning to train for competitive activities that are applicable for various sports. Our weeknight sessions will focus primary on freestyle skate skiing, fitness and fun while our Sunday sessions will focus on skill development and technique improvement.

All on-snow lessons will run approximately 8-10 weeks from the first Sunday in January until mid-March or as snow conditions allow. Dryland sessions run from September to December and April to August.

Other COVID-19 Adaptations:

Community hot chocolate and snacks will not be provided at any sessions this season. There will not be any opportunities for our Jackrabbits Loppet Bus or special trips. Increases group sizes or integration with other teams will not be announced or planned unless restrictions are lifted.

Virtual Loppets: The Regina Ski Club will be offering 3 virtual loppets in December, January, February. Announcements will be made soon. This is intended to provide individuals and families the opportunity for challenges and fun.

Parent Participation: Parents are expected to participate on skis with their Bunnyrabbit. Parents who are not coaching or volunteering must remain in vehicles during programming for Levels 1 through 4.

Clothing, Equipment and Program Information:
Equipment is not available for rental at the sessions. Equipment may be rented at local vendors such as Fresh Air Experience (open Tuesdays to Saturdays).

We also have an online Regina Ski Club Nordic Buy Sell Group on Facebook – Click Here!

Clothing Considerations for Winter Sports in Saskatchewan – Click Here.

Equipment Requirements

  1. Bunnyrabbits: Classic Skis  (no poles)
  2. Jackrabbits 1: Classic Skis (Poles not required for most sessions)
  3. Jackrabbits 2: Classic Skis, Classic Poles
  4. Jackrabbits 3: Classic Skis, Classic Poles, Skate Skis (Skate Poles Optional)
  5. Jackrabbits 4: Classic Skis, Classic Poles, Skate Skis, Skate Poles

Kids Ski Size Chart and Buyers Guide – Click Here.
Kids Boot Size Chart and Buyers Guide – Click Here.


Register for the 2021-2022 ski season at the Regina Ski Club 2021-2022 page on Zone4. If you have any questions in the meantime please feel free to contact us!

Onsnow program fees will be refunded if the season is cancelled due to Saskatchewan Heath Authority resitrictions. Regina Ski Club membership fees will not be refunded as these fees are required to fund trail maintenance throughout Regina and White Butte Trails.

Lesson Cancellations:
Ski Program sessions will be canceled if there is not enough snow for a good ski track (see Trails & Conditions) or if the wind chill according to Environment Canada (306-780-5744) is below -25 degrees Celsius or colder at scheduled ski times as of 10AM on that day (on weekends) and 12:130PM (on weekends).

Jackrabbit Special Achievement Forms:

For more information please email [email protected]