Biathlon … for those seeking an active, exciting, fun sport this winter.

Biathlon is an Olympic sport that sees the athlete alternate between freestyle (skate) skiing and precision shooting using a .22 caliber rifle. The challenge is that there are no breaks between skiing and shooting, and this challenge leads to thrilling races where literally anyone can find herself or himself on the podium.

The Regina Biathlon Club has provided biathlon-specific instruction and racing opportunities to the Regina area since 1980 and introduced the sport to National Team members Eric Jensen (National Team) and Scott Perras (National Team, Olympian – Sochi 2014), as well as countless athletes looking for a challenging and fun winter sport to enjoy. It continues to support biathletes of every age, skill level, and aspiration through its programming and partnerships with

How to Join

Send us an email at [email protected] to let us know of your intention to register with our three partners.

Follow the links below to register with those three partners – Biathlon Canada, the Regina Wildlife Federation, and the Regina Ski club.

Join Biathlon Canada

Individual Athletes can register as:

  • Junior athletes – born 2007 – 2008 – $40
  • Senior athletes – born 1987 – 2006 – $80
  • Masters athletes – born 1986 or prior – $80

Your registration through Biathlon Canada will trickle down to Biathlon Saskatchewan and to our Club.

A Biathlon Canada individual membership provides 3rd party insurance when a member practices or competes in biathlon events and activities.

In addition, the Regina Biathlon Club has a $20 Saturday program fee for the season. It will be collected by the club early in the season.

Join Regina Wildlife Federation

  • When selecting your RWF membership you should choose a Youth Membership for $40 if you are just signing up a child for biathlon.
  • If you want a gate key card you can get one here for a $10 deposit.

Regina Biathlon Club range & trails are located at the Regina Wildlife Federation site on Range Road 2182. The biathlon loop trail is lit for night skiing. The trails at RWF are connected to the While Butte Trails.

RWF membership will give you a comprehensive insurance package, eligibility to participate in all Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation provincial programs and access to the biathlon range and trails, even outside regular practice time!

Join Regina Ski Club

  • Choosing a Regina Ski Club membership depends on how many people in your family want to ski and use the trails. If you are the only person in your family joining RSC then choose the single membership for $40. If you have one or more family members joining biathlon and perhaps another one to two who want to try cross-country or alpine skiing, then choose the appropriate family membership for $70 to $90.
  • If you would like to join one of the youth ski programs for additional skiing and training, it is encouraged and we have special biathlon rate for some! The programs are an opportunity to get to know your RSC family and have access to different specialty coaches, camps and activities including supporting our great grooming crew!

Once you have registered for these three partner organizations you will be ready to come and train, learn and have fun at the Regina Biathlon Club!

Rifle Rental 

Regina Biathlon Club has a limited supply of rifles, and Biathlon Saskatchewan administers a pool of rental rifles which are owned by Biathlon Saskatchewan. The High Performance Committee, under the guidance of the provincial coach, decides which athletes are eligible for rifles. In general, the best rifles are designated to the most committed athletes. Also preference will be given to youth athletes over masters athletes.

People wishing to access a Biathlon Saskatchewan rifle must be a member in good standing of Biathlon Saskatchewan, Biathlon Canada and a Saskatchewan Ski Association (Saski) registered club (e.g. the Regina Ski Club).

Athletes aged 18 and older must have a valid possession and acquisition license.  Athletes under 18 must have a minor’s permit and must have completed a Saskatchewan firearms safety course.

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