Frequently-Asked Questions

Q. How do I sign up for ski trips?
A: As of  the 2023-2024 ski season, all trip registrations are online through Zone 4, beginning November 1, 2023. Each trip has a unique registration page. A link to that page will be posted in the Event document for that trip, found in the Nordic Trips section of the Events menu.

Q. My child would like to try skiing. We’re not sure if we want downhill or cross country.
Can you recommend a program that would be suitable for him/her?
A. For alpine (downhill) ski lessons, the Regina Alpine Ski Club (RASC) Snow Stars program is aimed at kids. Training is primarily at Mission Ridge Winter Park near Fort Qu’Appelle. RASC also offers race programs for older youth and lessons for adults. Details can be found at the Regina Alpine Ski Club website or contact [email protected].
For nordic (cross country) lessons, your child could join the Bunnyrabbits / Jackrabbits program here in Regina. Sessions are Sunday afternoon, with some Jackrabbit sessions on weekday evenings. See our Bunnyrabbits / Jackrabbits page in the Programs menu for details. The Regina Ski Club also offers nordic ski lessons to older youth and adults. Details on the Nordic Lessons page.
Alpine skiing is exhilarating, but is also more expensive. Costs include lift tickets and more expensive equipment, plus the time and cost to get to the hill. Nordic skiing can be done right here in Regina. The Jackrabbits program is run by parent volunteers, so be prepared to lend a hand in some way.
If you want to buy 2nd hand equipment to get your child started, you can go to the Qu’Appelle Zone Ski Patrol Ski Swap and Sale in early November each year. The Regina Ski Club Events and Trips page has information about the current year’s sale, with links to the Ski Swap information for the current year. See other FAQ’s for information on renting equipment.

Q: What should I consider taking in my backpack for comfort and safety on longer ski trails?
A: Cross Country Skier Survival Kit:
Essentials for a safe day of nordic skiing: (prepared by Mary Saso)

  • Communication, direction and timing: trail map, compass, whistle, watch,
    cell phone with emergency phone numbers, including local emergency help and trip coordinator
    Note: cellular coverage is not always available
  • Nourishment: suggested every half hour: drinks (water, juice, health drinks), energy bars, chocolate, jerky, nuts
  • Warmth: candles, matches, a metal container to hold candle or melt snow, toilet paper, hand and foot warmers, aluminum type safety blanket, extra mitts, socks, toque, jacket or sweater
  • First Aid: basic first aid kit, tensor bandage and sling
  • Repair: ski wax, replacement ski tip, utility knife with screw driver blade, duct tape

Q: What are some of the health benefits of nordic skiing?
A: The Jaw-Dropping Benefits of Cross-Country Skiing:
Check out this most interesting article in the January 7 2013 Globe and Mail.

Q: Is there somewhere in Regina to rent cross country skis?
A: Cross country skis may be rented at:
Fresh Air Experience 532 Victoria Ave 522-6665 or
Sunshine and Ski 4403 Albert St 584-2255.
The Regina Ski Club does not have skis for rent.

Q: Where in Regina can I buy second hand ski equipment?
A: In early November each year, the Canadian Ski Patrol, Qu’Appelle Zone holds a “Ski Swap and Sale” – a large sale of new and used ski equipment. In recent years it has been held at Campbell Collegiate. This RSC Events and Trips page provides a link to the Qu’Appelle Zone Ski Swap web page each fall. Or contact Gord Joorisity at 306-789-0528 for information.
Our Bunnyrabbits / Jackrabbits program coordinates a public Facebook group called Regina Ski Club Buy and Sell

Q: What do I look for when selecting cross country skis for myself or my child? How do I clean and wax them?
A: There is a good guide to the selection and maintenance of Nordic skis at the Cross Country Canada website.

Q: How can I get cross country ski lessons?
A: Lessons for young children are available through the Junior Jackrabbits program of the Regina Ski Club. See the Bunnyrabbits & Jackrabbits page under the Programs menu for details.
Lessons for the rest of us are also available through the Regina Ski Club. Please check our Nordic Lessons page under the Programs menu for details.

Q: Where are the ski trails in Regina?
A: Currently the Regina Ski Club grooms six trails in Regina: between the Science Center and Broad St, in Douglas Park, in the “foothills” around the hill in Douglas Park, at Les Sherman Park, at AE Wilson Park and at Kinsmen Park.
Check the RSC website under Trail Conditions for each trail’s location, trail map, and current trail conditions.

Q: Where are the White Butte Trails?
A: The White Butte Trails main trailhead is about 3 kilometres straight north of Emerald Park / White City and 3 kilometres straight east of Pilot Butte. Directions:

  • From south Regina: Head east on #1 Highway 14.4 km from the Ring Road to the intersection of Hwy #48 on the eastern edge of White City. Turn north, crossing the westbound #1 to the service road. Turn west for 600 metres, then go north for 3.2 km until you see the White Butte Trails sign on your left. Watch for the Cross-Country Skier signs to direct you at each turn.
  • From north Regina: Head east on Highway 46, which is accessible from north Winnipeg, McDonald or Fleet Streets. Drive 13.1 km east of Fleet St to the Franks Lake Road, where there is a Cross-Country Skier sign. Turn right and drive south 1.6km, crossing the CPR main line tracks. The White Butte Trails trailhead is on your right, but you will see only the back of the large trail sign.
    Click here for maps and more information at White Butte Trails