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Nordic Race Team

13 years of age +

Year-Round Program
In/Out of Province Competition
Summer and Winter Training Camps

What is the Nordic Racing Program?

The Nordic Racing program is designed for skiers who are approximately 13 years of age and older. Typically they will be graduates of the RSC Track Attack program for youth aged 9 to 12. The Nordic Racing program is a year-round program focused on further developing physical conditioning and skiing technique in a training and racing environment. This program is for youth who are enthusiastic about ski training with the option of competitive Nordic racing, at both in-province and out-of-province races, as well as special events and camps held throughout the year.

What are the requirements to join Nordic Racing?

  • Passionate about cross-country skiing.
  • Solid skate and classic technique skills.
  • Fit enough to be active for approximately 2 hours+.
  • Willing to act as a role model to younger athletes.

What equipment is mandatory for Nordic Racing?

  • Boots – 1 pair each skate and classic boots
  • Skis – 1 pair classic skis and 1 pair skate skis
  • Poles – 1 pair classic length poles, 1 pair skate length poles and 1 pair ski striding poles for dryland training
  • Rock Skis – useful for early and late season training
  • Heart Rate Monitor – while not mandatory, this is useful for those athletes that are serious about competing at a high level
  • Head Lamp – for those dark December and January sessions
  • Clothing – suitable for all types of weather
  • Roller Skis
  • Drink Belt

What are the Nordic Racing program fees and what are they used for?

  • $400 for the winter season (September – March). ($300 for athletes registered in the Regina Ski Club Biathlon Program.)
  • Approximately eleven months of group training sessions three times a week during the race season and one or two times a week leading into the season.
  • Coaching support at in-province races.
  • Ski waxing at in-province races.
  • Race suit from the Regina Ski Club inventory (to be returned at the end of the season).

How to Register

Register online at Regina Ski Club 2023-2024 on Zone4

Track Attack Race Schedule

Cross Country Saskatchewan – Sask Cup Race Series
Cross Country Saskatchewan – Sask Loppets and other Ski Events

Contact us at [email protected] for more information