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The Alpine Adaptive Ski Program has announced its program for the 2021-22 season, consisting of five training sessions and the popular Challenge Cup, all at Mission Ridge in Fort Qu’Appelle. In addition there are two optional events: a Para Camp and a CADS Festival, both to be held in BC.

See our Alpine Adaptive Events list for the complete schedule.

See the Alpine Adaptive Ski Program page for a description of the Program itself.


  • Linda Mack says:

    Hello, I am hoping there will be alpine ski trips planned for winter 2023! Anything happening with this?

    • David Wessel says:

      Hi Linda.
      Unfortunately, we have so far been unsuccessful in recruiting someone to coordinate Alpine Ski Trips. As a result, the Canmore Nordic/Alpine trip is the only option currently available. There are always a number of alpine skiers (or Nordic/alpine skiers) on the trip. Arrangements are made for the bus to transport alpine skiers to a ski resort each day. Contact coordinator Guy Hughes if you have questions.
      David Wessel

    • David Wessel says:

      Hello again Linda.
      We have been fortunate to recruit a director for our Alpine Recreational program for the 2023-2024 ski season. His name is Brent Rosbrook, and his contact information is on our Contact Us page Plans will be sorted out over the summer and autumn.
      Dave Wessel

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